When I moved to Canada in 2001, I was grateful for a chance to live in a country that had fairly progressive ideals, and a government that - while not perfect - was well respected in the world for its humanitarian aid, environmental progress, and more. Sadly, although I think our country's values are still progressive, that record has been completely destroyed by the current "Conservative" government that, thanks to our broken electoral system, enjoys 100% of the power despite getting less than 40% of the vote. I'm trying to make people aware of the problems with our electoral system and also the excesses of Harper's regime.


Leadnow.ca is an independent community that brings generations of Canadians together to take action for our future and hold politicians accountable. They are championing cross-party cooperation in the next election to unseat the Conservatives, fighting against FIPA and for the environment. I've decided to donate to them monthly, and would recommend others do too!


Orphaned Voter

A site I put together before the last Federal Election, then added a large Interactive Map to detail the results and see visually how our First-Past-the-Post system distorts voter intent and also explore how things might be different if we had a fairer voting system.

I haven't updated the site much since, unfortunately - but the numbers are just as valid today as they were then..


FairVote Canada

Fair Vote Canada (FVC) is a multi-partisan citizens' campaign for voting system reform. FVC promotes the use of fair and proportional voting systems for elections of all levels of government and throughout civil society.