Welcome to my site! I have over the years developed a small number of apps, starting with a "passion project", Mahjong Helper, first developed for iOS, but have since ported to Windows and Android. A follow-up to this, Kemono Mahjong, is now available! I hope you enjoy!

Mahjong Helper

Windows, iOS, & Android

Mahjong Helper is an app that aims to simplify the tasks of scoring and exchanges. It can also be used to keep a history of matches played, and to easily experiment with different methods of scoring.

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Kemono Mahjong

iOS, & Android

No mere tile-matching solitaire game, this is a full implementation of Japanese Mahjong. A fun, strategic variant of the classic multiplayer game! Play and learn from a cast of colourful opponents. Includes a complete tutorial on the rules of Japanese mahjong, ideal for those new to the game!

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Farkle! WP

Windows Phone 7/8

Farkle (also known as "10,000", or "Zilch") is a dice game that is centuries old, that challenges players to balance luck and skill in a race to the highest score. Each dice roll risks losing the points accumulated during that turn - but lucky rolls can score big!

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Windows Phone 8

This app lets you explore the beautifully intricate visualization of the Mandelbrot Set, through simple pinch-and-zoom and panning operations. I'm hoping to add more features - including exploration of Julia Sets - in future versions.

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